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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Researching the history........

With the help of local hisorian, Jen Cairnes we've discovered that whilst the current house dates from around 1830 the history of Pantyrhwch goes further back to 1699 at least, when records show that on 24 December 1699 Evan David of Pantyrhwch and described as a "cottager" was buried.

At this time the house was probably a single room, earth walled and thatch roof with an open hearth. A "cottager"was someone slightly better of than a pauper, life would have been hard, he would not have had any land only a small plot to grow some vegetables and maybe keep a few chickens or possibly a pig.

There are records of a mediaeval monastic grange (farm) whose lands would have been adjoining Pantyrhwch and could explain why Evan David chose to live in what is not a particularly hospitable location...there may well have been a hovel on the site for many years before his time because of the proximity of the monastry land and therefore work and perhaps charity from the lay brothers that lived and worked there.....this cannot be proven but its an interesting possibility....

Records from 1799 show local parishoners agreed to levy taxes for making and repairing the local road at 3 1/2d per is very likely that the gravel quarry on the land near the cottage was for this purpose.

Researching the history of Pantyrhwch is work in progress...we'll keep you posted!!

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