Photo by one of our guests, Darren Waters.....many thanks for letting us use it!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Where did the time go........

Its a surprise to realise that our last blog was in Nov'08, over 20months ago......I was still working overeas and planning the restoration of Pantyrhwch, which shows how all consuming the project time left for blogging!
Fortunately there was time to keep notes scribbled in a diary and for Ann to take pictures of progress. Over the months the blog got forgotten, until today, when Viktor a good friend from my time in Ukraine, and my only blog follower, found the blog for me again and I've promised some updates.

We need to sort the pictures, the one above is from Sept'09 after most of the major restoration works (roof, chimney, walls, windows, exterior woodwork, etc) had been completed. Odly when this photo was taken it was a nice day.....most of the summer was very wet and progress with the restoration was hampered. Took this one today.......
Future posts will aim to fill in the blanks with the interesting bits from Nov'08 to July'10..........!!

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